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6lbs in 13 Days

Here’s the truth: I hate scales. I think they are one of the most inadequate ways in which you can measure weight loss, mostly because if you eat healthy and exercise, you end up gaining weight with all the muscle built and it doesn’t measure fat loss. But on Sunday, the scales became my friend.

I weighed myself before I started this “crazy diet” as everyone seems to be calling it, and on Sunday, September 27th, 2009, exactly 13 days into being vegan, I had lost 6lbs. I am totally impressed, and this gives me so much more motivation to continue this.

Although as the weather gets cooler, and the rain sets in, I find myself feeling decidedly unsatisfied with my fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and by dinner, i’m craving hot chocolate, creamy soup, pizza and sticky toffee pudding. The surprising thing is, i’m not craving meat like i thought I would. So out come the home made soups (careful with canned or ready made vegetable soups, they are often made with chicken/beef stock and a bucket load of sugar!), home made spaghetti bolognese (with whole wheat organic pasta, soy mince, soy cheese, fresh tomatoes and a bundle of fresh herbs and spices), and next on my list to try are veggie sausages with home made mash!


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Vegan, not raw

Recently I encountered a very special friend, who said to me ‘Vegan is stupid, you can be a vegetarian but not eat dairy!’ I simply stared back…she repeated this several times, eventually stating that her idea of a vegan is someone who only eats raw vegetables and fruit.

Unfortunately I have realised that this is a common misconception. Being vegan does not mean everything you eat is raw. I must however admit, most of my lunch time meals are raw salads, but mostly for the convenience factor – they are easy to get when you’re out to lunch with friends (dressed only with olive oil and lemon juice of course..) and very easy to prep the night before and stick in the fridge for work the next day.

For the most part though, evening meals can consist of pasta (whole wheat, organic pasta or brown rice pasta), tortilla wraps (whole wheat), brown rice, or my most recent favourite, organic brown rice noodles, for example, with stir fried vegetables or any ‘fake’ meat product made from soy. Make sure you read the ingredients though, some of these soy meat products contain milk.

Just remember, being vegan does not mean you have to only eat raw.


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Are you there, Soy? It’s me, Vegan.*

I am a food lover.

Without a shred of doubt, I love food. A good steak, beers and burgers while watching the football, home-made lasagne, cheesecakes, chocolate…you name it, i love it. Much of my daily work revolves around food and tastings at restaurants or reading and writing about food, changing this, is a challenge.

Like almost every other female to walk the planet, I have tried countless times, and made numerous new years resolutions to start eating healthily, and get fit, and lose weight. I am average sized, not fat, and not super skinny, but there’s always been that excess bit of weight from too many beers, and too many burgers and countless nights of eating and drinking out, that lingers around longer than I ever hoped.

So no one would have ever imagined that I would have decided to abstain from eating anything to do with animal products in my latest attempt at getting fit and healthy. In fact, i can’t even count the number of people who have told me that i’m crazy or to call them when i’m back to my beer-drinking,burger-eating self. I guess they’ll be waiting awhile then.

Recently inspired after reading Skinny Bitch, I made the decision, took the plunge, whichever way you wish to put it, and decided to bring into this world, a new me. Fed up of countless failed resoultions – to go to the gym more, eat better, never say “i’ll have just one more” to that bag of chocolate, this is a whole new me in the same old world.

I am vegan.

*This blog was inspired and named by my wonderfully creative cousin.

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