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Vaniila Almond Crisp

Vanilla Almond CrispI had incredibly high expectations of this Vanilla Almond Crisp by Peace Cereals, and to be honest, it TOTALLY lived up to expectations! I LOVED it!

Although I have to say I prefer the ginger one I had before, but this is equally good!

Verdict – it will remain on the shopping list for the future!

I must apologise for the short, but sweet update – I promise you’ll have a more detailed update from me and how i’m feeling soon!

Just a side note – there have been a few new additions to the blog – some tasty websites to look at, plus an all new about me section, which I know you’re all DYING to read (not). I’ll continue to update, hopefully you’ll continue to read!

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For The Love Of Coffee

This is something I have been debating for some time now. I know coffee is vegan, but after having read Skinny Bitch (which is what inspired my lifestyle change in the first place), they swear off coffee. I understand that this is because it is unneccessary caffiene combined with other additives you are putting into your body, but I do love my coffee. And tea for that matter!

Google being my friend, enabled me to conduct a search on coffee and vegans, and I discovered that coffee is vegan (well thanks Google, I already knew that). 

So I have come to a decision, a couple of cups of coffee a week will not kill me, and it’s vegan…so why not indulge?


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Peace Out

Breakfast is meant to be your most important meal of the day. For me however, it’s not. For me, it’s always some kind of chore, having to decide what to eat before’s jut difficult. Recently however, i’ve been content with fresh fruit and some soy yogurt, but it gets boring after awhile to always have the same thing. So, I went in search of something else, and I found some awesome cereal.

RaspberryGingerFor all you ginger lovers out there, this one is definately for you. Made with organic raw cane sugar and brown rice syrup to add the sweetness, this raspberry ginger cereal topped with unsweetened soy milk is perfect in the morning.

Verdict: Loved it! Definately putting this one on the shopping list again, right next to the banana muffin ingredients!

However, before I buy this one again, Peace Cereal do a variety of other organic vegan cereals made with brown rice syrup or raw cane sugar, so after I gobbled this box up, I went down and picked up their Vanilla Almond cereal yesterday, I haven’t tried it yet, but as soon as I do, you’ll be the first to know!


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For The Love Of Strawberry Liquorice

Darrel lLea Strawberry Liquorice

This stuff is amazing. Made with raw cane sugar, and no added rubbish! My sister actually, bought these for herself on her long 13 hour flight to visit, ended up not eating them on the plane, and it took me about a week to polish the bag off (I shared a little)!!! They taste nothing like liquorice, but more like strawberry laces. Yummy. Chewy. Sweet. Delicious.

Verdict: Definately buying these again – if I can find them here, if not, then my sister will be having to post some too be on her return home.

Simply, delicious, and satisfies ANY sugar craving you may have.

WARNING: these are INCREDIBLY addictive!

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The Discovery

In the midst of the binge week, I have discovered that I no longer like the taste of meat. The idea, is fab! And writing about meat – i.e. turkeys with stuffing and beef cheek ravioli and honey roast hams for christmas, I have no problem with. I just don’t like the taste anymore.

Can a month of being vegan (before the week-long binge) really alter my taste buds to that extent? I don’t mind fish or seafood, it’s just meat. It looks great, sounds great, but tastes not so great. Almost cringe-worthy.

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The Binge…

Every once in awhile we have cravings, every once in awhile we allow ourselves a time to binge. To eat what you want, in moderate amounts of course, and shock some sense back into your system. Don’t let anyone talk you into believing that this is not ok. It is perfectly normal. If you don’t do this, then you’re continuing to starve your body of what it needs, and what you want, and the cravings just get worse. Trust me.

My sister has been home for a visit for a week and a half now, she leaves this Saturday, completeing an entire two week vacation at home. It has been lovely having her around, but not so lovely for my waistline. So this time with her, has been my binge. But let me tell you, I have NOT binged the entire two weeks. Just a little here and there.

My sister has a few traditions every time she comes home, much like I did when I lived abroad too. She must have her favourite carrot cake from Dan Ryan’s – it is to die for. So after suggesting we go for coffee and pick up the carrot cake to go so she could enjoy it over a few days from the comfort of the sofa, we decided to have it there, complete with a tall glass of sweet iced tea. Now I couldn’t really sit there and watch her eat the whole thing now could I? This sweet, moist cake complete with cream cheese frosting is the perfect accompaniment to a tall glass of sweet iced tea with fresh lemon. Heavenly!

My second indulgent treat came on sunday afternoon, at lunch with my mum and my sister. Some quality bonding time, combined with retail therapy and dim sum. Oh I do love dim sum. Most of it is made with rice flour and steamed with vegetables, so it’s not *that* bad…

My third, and hopefully final (I’m not sure, still got 4 days left with my sister in town), was an excessively indulgent 3 hour, 3-course dinner complimented with 2 beers. The ultimate indulgence in comparison to how I have been prior to this. Beginning with lobster nachos (less cheese, more lobster), and salt and pepper crispy calamari, followed by pan fried snapper with creamy mash and roasted vegetables, followed by the most amazing Banoffee Pie EVER. Overlooking the waterfront, and watching fireworks being set off in the distance, it was a perfect end to my long weekend, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty for it.

What I do know is that as of Saturday it will be hard-core training back at the gym and seriously healthy eating, because now, I do feel incredibly exhausted after eating so much, and lots of fatty foods, but you know what? Sometimes, it’s worth it.

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Lets get it out…

Right. I need to have a little rant here so if you excuse me i’m just going to have it out with you. The one thing that frustrates me the most about this Skinny Bitch lifestyle change is the fact that i’m totally lost for what to cook most days, and when I look up recipes, everything vegan contains some form of sugar or white flour or whatever.

I don’t always want to have something that has sugar in it, nor do I want to continuously substitute white flour for wheat. I just want somewhere I can find some great recipes, without all the substituting!

The only way is probably to compile something myself right? Well, for now I guess I have this, where I will include recipes that I have tried and tested, and those which I am contemplating trying so if you get a chance to try them before me, please let me know how they turn out!


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