Something Old, Something New

08 Oct

I am starting to get bored with my limited knowledge of what to cook and how to cook it. I’m a no fuss – few ingredients – resulting in tasty meals kind of person, mostly because I don’t have much time in the evenings once I get home from work.

On the weekends however, it is an entirely different story and I am eager to try this faux sausage & bean casserole my sister was raving about (she of course made it with real deal sausages, but no harm in substituting right?!) But I’ll get back to you once I’ve tried that one this Saturday!

My new favourite quick and easy recipe is a soy version of eggplant parmesan. Between layers and layers of grilled eggplant, a sweet/spicy tomato sauce topped with soy Montery Jack cheese. Perfect for lunch or dinner or as leftovers! Served with some whole wheat garlic toast, it’s simply heavenly.

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Posted by on October 8, 2009 in Food, Recipes, Vegan


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