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The Slip Up…

Ok…so…with this whole vegan thing, I know i’m not supposed to drink. I also know that I wasn’t supposed to cut everything all at once, so I kept the alcohol in my diet, in moderation of course, but moderation being a max of 1-2 glasses of red wine a week – that isn’t that bad is it? Some weeks I have none at all! Well, ok I like to think it’s not that bad. And with where I live, much of your social life revolves around eating or drinking out. And yeah, it’s fair to say “well, you don’t have to drink” but we all know that we want it. So why deprive yourself? Besides, it’s part of being in PR! Well, that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it!

However, after almost a month of no late-night drinking sessions with my friends, no staggering home after too many drinks, I had one too many last night at a launch party¬†and I’m feeling the pain today.

But strangely enough, not hangover kind of pain. I feel dirty and bloated, I’m guessing from all the sugar that’s in alcohol. It’s the most unpleasant feeling ever!

Bottom Line: Alcohol is BAD! But a couple of glasses of wine¬†can’t hurt!

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