The Root Of All Evil

12 Oct

Exercise. Exercise is the root of all evil. That and this society which has made us obsess over how we look and how much we weigh.

When the weather starts to change, and it cools down and begins to rain, somehow all i feel is this natural instinct to want to curl up on the sofa, under my massive comfy duvet, and watch movies all day. I struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym or for a swim or even for a walk.

But then I look back and I always have a thousand excuses: too hot outside, too cold outside, gym is too crowded, or I get home too late from work, too tired, too something or other. I usually end up managing to drag my ass to the gym, whether I want to go or not. But I still haven’t reached that point where I don’t look for any excuse to get out of it. Mostly because in this month of gymming 3 times a week, I see very few changes. I guess I’m looking for more visable differences rather than the amount that’s on the scale, but still I expected some kind of result!

So i’m on the hunt for tips and tricks to get me motivatied. To help me lose this excess weight hanging around my belly (attractive huh? there really is NO polite way to describe it) and to get fit. Any tips and tricks you could provide I would be most greatful.

Currently feeling that my gym workout is not enough and I may progress onto doing some yoga at home, but I lack the motivation…


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2 responses to “The Root Of All Evil

  1. dancefloordiva

    November 22, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    Hello beautiful blogger,
    Story of my life. All I can say is mind of matter. Once upon a time I used to wake up at 6am every morning and do yoga 5-6 times a week. As with anything in life it takes time and once you discover the benefits of how you feel after you exercise you want to do it again. And it’s that natural organic high that you want from doing good things to your body.

    So yea I know the weather is so cold that you want to wear 50 layers of fleece and drink hot chocolate. Honestly all I want to do is order a snuggle jumper just like the one tina fey wears in 30 rock and eat comfort food to make me warm.

    What I’m trying to do when it comes to exercise is the following:
    1. be open minded (i.e. try a new exercise, what you don’t know, how can you not like?)
    2. Mix it up (yoga, dancing, running, group classes). As they say variety is the spice of life.
    3. find a buddy who wants to work out with you too so you can motivate each other
    4. Do what you loveeee (sometimes I go out dancing hardcore one night a week and don’t drink any alcohol, or I’ll do some sun salutations to fun songs)

    When you’re mind starts to say NO, you say YES!
    Let me know how it goes, I’m thinking of finding a couple of gals who like to shoot hoops, or go hiking…simple trails!!

    PS- your blog is inspiring!

    • Rose

      December 4, 2009 at 11:00 am

      I’m so happy you find my blog inspiring! And i love your advice regarding excercise – do let me know when you go hiking – i’d LOVE to come along! 🙂


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