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The Root Of All Evil

Exercise. Exercise is the root of all evil. That and this society which has made us obsess over how we look and how much we weigh.

When the weather starts to change, and it cools down and begins to rain, somehow all i feel is this natural instinct to want to curl up on the sofa, under my massive comfy duvet, and watch movies all day. I struggle to find the motivation to go to the gym or for a swim or even for a walk.

But then I look back and I always have a thousand excuses: too hot outside, too cold outside, gym is too crowded, or I get home too late from work, too tired, too something or other. I usually end up managing to drag my ass to the gym, whether I want to go or not. But I still haven’t reached that point where I don’t look for any excuse to get out of it. Mostly because in this month of gymming 3 times a week, I see very few changes. I guess I’m looking for more visable differences rather than the amount that’s on the scale, but still I expected some kind of result!

So i’m on the hunt for tips and tricks to get me motivatied. To help me lose this excess weight hanging around my belly (attractive huh? there really is NO polite way to describe it) and to get fit. Any tips and tricks you could provide I would be most greatful.

Currently feeling that my gym workout is not enough and I may progress onto doing some yoga at home, but I lack the motivation…


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Monkey Business!

I love food. No matter how many times I tell you that, it doesn’t begin to describe how much I do love food. Reading and writing about upcoming christmas meals and white truffle menus and christmas food hampers, it’s all overwhelming! But, those banana muffins I told you about in my previous post 21 Days (apologies for not having learnt to link to it yet, this whole blog business is new to me too), were absoultely amazing. More like mini banana breads..but still, oh SO good. I whole heartedly recommend them, they cure any sort of sweet, muffin or cake like craving you have been having! Oh and to prove I do actually make things and I don’t just talk about them, I took a quick picture with my blackberry:

Amazing Banana Muffins!

Amazing Banana Muffins!


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The Taste Test

I had previously bought these Linda MaCartney Vegan Sausages, they were TERRIBLE. I can’t even begin to describe them to you. My sister, genius that she is, came up with the perfect way to mask their awful taste and make a delicious stew out of them with some canellini beans and chopped tomatoes. It is SUCH a simple recipe, makes 4-5 servings and i recommend you try it, vegan or not vegan..substitute what you need to…it is amazing.

1 can canellini beans (i used waitrose organic ones, but you can use any beans you have, my sister swears baked beans would work too)..

2 cans chopped tomatoes (again, i used waitrose organic ones with chopped garlic, but you could use fresh tomatoes too..5 ripe medium sized ones should do…)

2 leeks

3 cloves of garlic

300-350g of any kind of sausage you like, pre-cooked and chopped into pieces as big or as small as you wish….(i told you it was a serious no-fuss recipe)

place everything into an oven proof dish, sprinkle in any dry or fresh herbs you have on hand (i used dill, sage and some dry chilli flakes as well as freshly ground sea salt and black pepper), give it a quick stir, whack it in the oven at 180 degrees for anywhere between 45mins – 1.5hrs depending on how much time you have. Once it’s ready, serve with some crusty whole wheat bread or mashed potatoes or even on it’s own and enjoy!

As you can tell i’m not much of a recipe writer, but this is soooo easy you can’t go wrong! I topped off my evening with a small bowl of that soy dream chocolate fudge ice cream and Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol in bed. Perfect Saturday. I’m looking forward to making those banana muffins for breakfast tomorrow.

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The Slip Up…

Ok…so…with this whole vegan thing, I know i’m not supposed to drink. I also know that I wasn’t supposed to cut everything all at once, so I kept the alcohol in my diet, in moderation of course, but moderation being a max of 1-2 glasses of red wine a week – that isn’t that bad is it? Some weeks I have none at all! Well, ok I like to think it’s not that bad. And with where I live, much of your social life revolves around eating or drinking out. And yeah, it’s fair to say “well, you don’t have to drink” but we all know that we want it. So why deprive yourself? Besides, it’s part of being in PR! Well, that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it!

However, after almost a month of no late-night drinking sessions with my friends, no staggering home after too many drinks, I had one too many last night at a launch party and I’m feeling the pain today.

But strangely enough, not hangover kind of pain. I feel dirty and bloated, I’m guessing from all the sugar that’s in alcohol. It’s the most unpleasant feeling ever!

Bottom Line: Alcohol is BAD! But a couple of glasses of wine can’t hurt!

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To Cure Those Cravings…

So seem to often have these mid-afternoon cravings at work for chocolate /coffee / something to give me the motivation that I need to power through the rest of the afternoon. But with the inability to have anything which contains refined sugars or milk products, I have found the perfect solution – SoyPudding!!

Soy Chocolate Pudding - Cure Those Cravings!

Soy Chocolate Pudding - Cure Those Cravings!

This sweet, creamy chocolate pudding is exactly what I needed, full of soy chocolatey goodness! I will definately be buying this one over again!!!

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Something Old, Something New

I am starting to get bored with my limited knowledge of what to cook and how to cook it. I’m a no fuss – few ingredients – resulting in tasty meals kind of person, mostly because I don’t have much time in the evenings once I get home from work.

On the weekends however, it is an entirely different story and I am eager to try this faux sausage & bean casserole my sister was raving about (she of course made it with real deal sausages, but no harm in substituting right?!) But I’ll get back to you once I’ve tried that one this Saturday!

My new favourite quick and easy recipe is a soy version of eggplant parmesan. Between layers and layers of grilled eggplant, a sweet/spicy tomato sauce topped with soy Montery Jack cheese. Perfect for lunch or dinner or as leftovers! Served with some whole wheat garlic toast, it’s simply heavenly.

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Coffee & Chocolate

I have reached that point in my afternoon, where I would love a hot steaming cup of sweet, milky coffee and a bar of chocolate. I am tired. I am stressed. I have a mountain of work to get through, and two hours in which to do it in and I cannot focus.


All I can think about is that sweet, milky, steaming cup of coffee, and that bar of chocolate. Even just one, tiny little piece will do.


I must not give in.

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