For the love of Cheese…Soy Cheese of course

23 Nov

Oh I do love cheese, I was an addict, and I have promised you a review on soy cheeses for such a long time I thought it was about time I delivered!

I have never been a fan of those fake “american” style cheeses that come in bottles or cans, unfortunately I have found that soy cheese tastes very similar to that. It is difficult to find a fab soy cheese on the market.

One that I did find however was not so bad, still a little bottled-up feeling but I generally would only recommend you buy it to make cheese on toast, it’s absolutely not recommended for use in anything else.


Tofutti is fab for exactly that, cheese on toast. Cures a craving, is a great hangover cure (yes, i’m still working on that cutting the alcohol out bit of my life. Moving on..) and all in all doesn’t taste one bit like tofu.

It probably would taste awesome on pizza too but I havent gotten around to trying that one yet. This particular Tofutti comes already sliced (giving it that completely processed cheese feeling i’ve always hated but I am growing to accept). I highly advise against eating this uncooked.

The Verdict: definately will purchase it again, but there are pleanty more soy cheeses on my list to try out, such as Simply Better Foods: SoyCheese with Garden Herbs.

I understand however that this is not completely vegan as it has casein in it. I’m still on the lookout, choices are limited on this end of the world – but I will definately keep you posted with my discoveries!

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