For the love of Ginger..

13 Jan

Have you heard the latest news about us entering into a mini ice age? Aparently this is the start of a global trend towards cooler weather which is expected to last for the next 20 – 30 years! It’s most certainly a disturbing scientific finding but I must remember to steer clear of discussing environmental issues on here, it could get heated.

In light of the cold weather sticking around for awhile, it makes me crave comfort food – stews, soups, and hot, sweet, sticky puddings. If you care to remember anything about me, know this: I love to eat. I absolutely whole heartedly love to eat, and I could eat all day. More than that, I love puddings, and I will rarely skip dessert at the end of a meal.

If you care to remember anything else about me, remember that I have a love-hate relationship with microwaves. I understand the convenience of them for re-heating food, but never have I ever cooked something in a microwave from start to finish. That was true until last night. I was umming and ahhing about this pudding when I found the recipe and then decided to throw everything i believed about cooking in a microwave aside and try it out, and honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

Ginger Sponge Pudding


225 g self-raising flour  
125 g  brown sugar (I use organic raw cane sugar in all my recipes)
1 heaped tsp baking powder
a 2-inch piece of ginger, peeled and grated (You can substiute for ground ginger i’m sure but I haven’t tried that..) 
250 ml water
150 ml vegetable oil
2 tbsp maple syrup
1.         Sift the flour, sugar and baking powder into a big microwave proof bowl, add the ginger and mix.
2.         Stir in the water and oil and mix well.
3.         Drop the syrup into the bowl, and ease it down to the bottom with your spoon.
4.         Place cling film over the bowl and pierce a hole in the top. Microwave on full power for 7-8 mins, then leave to stand for another 2 mins.

I would serve this with custard or vanilla ice cream – soy versions of course. In this instance I didn’t, and I was quite content to eat it on it’s own, steaming hot. I must confess though, once I mixed all the ingredients together I added about 1tsp of mixed spices to it, just for that extra kick, and it tasted wonderful. It could have done with a bit more sweetness, but would have been perfect paired with Ice-cream or custard.

As i’m still without a camera to take pictures, my handy dandy blackberry served me well yesterday:

Ginger Sponge Pudding


The texture was soft, almost creamy and as much as I would have loved to turn it out onto a place and slice it up, I simply spooned the pudding from the bowl into individual servings, very rustic and homely! A definate must-try!

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