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Step 1: Meal Planning (Day 1)

So, I mentioned previously that I felt the need for structure. And I googled and googled vegan meal planning, but there wasn’t anything that I liked, or that would fit my lifestyle, or so I felt. So I guess I have to devise my own (I was counting on that quick fix google never fails to provide me with, but alas, I have to put the effort in). I started thinking about what I like to eat, and what I wanted to include, and most of all, what the reason for the seesawing was.

To be honest, I love food. I love meat too. So when temptation drew me in, I caved. But this time, no. This time, I’m remembering how great I felt, how much energy I had, and most importantly, how much I loved cooking! (If my mother reads this she’s going to think I’m nuts because my motto has ALWAYS been “I only cook because I have to eat”, let’s hope she doesn’t see this then!)

Where do I begin with this planning then? At the beginning I guess – first meal of the day – breakfast. Well for a start I’m not a breakfast person so I guess I’ll just have to stick some fresh fruit in there…so that brings me to lunch. During the week I need something that can be prepared the night before, and stuck in a box in the fridge ready to be dragged to work and microwaved or eaten cold at lunch time. I’m a huge fan of cous cous so a simple cous cous salad would work for me here. Then there’s dinner. Something quick, easy and doesnt require a lot of faffing or time between starting to make it and it being set on a plate in front of me. That’s why I like the sound of this tomato and onion tart – looks easy enough, not requiring huge amounts of ingredients and hopefully will taste great!

That’s one day out of the way, I’m off to pull out all my recipe books and fill up the rest of the week! I’ll be back shortly with my findings…



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See Saws

It is no secret that I have been seesawing my way through vegan/vegetarian/non-everything for the last 6 months…with the 4 months prior to that being totally vegan..and the whole seesaw effect led me to one astounding feeling today: I’m fat.

Ok, so if you ask ANYONE I know they will tell you i’m not. But for me, it’s not so much about how you look but how you feel. And quite simply, I feel fat. I feel unhealthy, heavy and fat. And I need to do something about it. So i’ve decided to take the next 3 days and devise a menu plan, do some food shopping and cooking and get myself sorted. So here again, you will have the pleasure of embarking on a whole new adventure with me. A more structured one, with breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans, recipes and god knows what else…

Anyone who knows me..knows that im not really all that good with structured meals…I get tired when I get home from work, as we all do i’m sure, and it’s so easy just to eat whatever has been cooked for the fam, rather than trying to sort out my own meal. But really, enough is enough. I’m feeling this icky, bloated, generally…oh I don’t even know how to describe it. I just keep saying i’m fat over and over again and it feels like I balloon up even more every time I say it!

So the time has come to embark on a whole new adventure…keep reading, and I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as I’m hoping to be!


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