The Mind Speaks

13 Mar

I’ve tried to write this post a thousand times to be sure to get it right, but I somehow can’t seem to get the right words out..silly isn’t it?

I spent a long time giving my best friend grief about his blog and how he seemed to always wait until he had written some kind of essay before he posted something – and I went into so much detail as to how it was his blog and it didn’t matter if he posted 2 lines or 200 lines at a time, it just mattered that he was writing because he wanted to.

I wholeheartedly feel that personal blogs exist for exactly that purpose. They provide us with the oppotunity to speak our minds with no judgement.

So without further adeu…here I am speaking my mind…albeit about veganism or rather being vegan-ish.

It’s no secret to all of you that I have yo-yoed significantly between the realms of vegan and non-veganism. I struggled through the initial adaptation to the lifestyle, loved it once I got accustomed and then completely turned against it once a carrot cake with incredible cream cheese frosting was sat in front of me. It was a complete 360 degree turnaround.

But here I am once again, determined to try it again. Will it be another detox, or will it be a for-life change? I have yet to find out..but once again I am delighted to share my journey with you.

Tomorrow marks day 1 of the vegan diet/detox/lifestyle change. I look forward to feeling great and full of energy once again!


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Posted by on March 13, 2011 in Vegan, Weight Loss


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