Day 1: New Year, New You

14 Mar

I’ve been reminded that I sort of missed the boat on the new year, new you kick that everyone got off to on January 1st, but was that really a bad thing? I mean, we all make new years resolutions that start off well the first week of January but then disappear into thin air a few days / weeks later. Sound familiar?

So I guess making March 14th my new year, new me start date is not such a bad idea. Maybe it means I’ll stick with building the new me a lot longer? Who knows..

What I do know however, is that I’m off to a fantastic start. Even with Monday-itis, I managed to stick to the Vegan diet all day (even though it came with wanting that soy vanilla latte oh so bad today!) – Fresh Fruit for breakfast, Ratatouille for lunch and Cous Cous salad for dinner! I even managed a trip to the gym (OK, so it was a 3o minute work-out but babysteps right?)

So I end the day on a high note, feeling fab and ready for whatever tomorrow may bring!


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Posted by on March 14, 2011 in Vegan



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