Day 2: Food For Thought

15 Mar

So far Day 2 has been great! Cous Cous salad for lunch, vegan sausage and bean casserole for dinner and some hummus and corn thins for a snack in between!

The hardest part has been motivation to go to the gym – it’s been tough. But I’ve managed – 2 days in a row!! I think i’ll give myself a night off tomorrow, but who knows 🙂

On a completely separate note, my heart goes out to all those in Japan – it’s devastating to watch and I hope you are all staying as safe as you can, and keeping your spirits high.

I’ve always said that in no way do I preach to everyone about how they should become vegan / adopt a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, but this is just something thought provoking that got passed my way today:

Quote by a kid, who lost his loved one in Tsunami ……. “ Sea…. I will never forgive you, even if your waves touch my feet million times more”

The sea replied, “ I forgive you son even though you have abused me killed my babies the fishes and dumped all your filth and dirt on me all these years

This is just a reminder that Mother earth still exists and you have to learn to respect it. Japan is the single largest consumer of fish and is one of the few countries that slaughters thousand of whales every year. I feel really sorry for what happened but karma eventually catches up with everyone.

A little of your own food for thought…


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One response to “Day 2: Food For Thought

  1. Vanisha

    March 16, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Resh, love the recipes on the blog, insightful and entertaining. Glad the vegan diet is going well.
    Have to comment on how horrified I was to read the comparison between:
    1. a Japanese kid who lost his loved one in the tsunami because of Mother Nature
    2. the country Japan losing their fish and whales because a specific group of the Japanese population kill whales

    My issue is not so much with the link made between the lost of a loved one and the loss of an animal. (I disagree with it and I think anyone who eats or has eaten meat/ fish should too. But I can understand if other people think that the loss of a person equates to the loss of an animal.)

    My issue is with the idea from the story that the actions of a specific group of a society does/ should affect the karma of a specific individual. I cannot understand this idea at all. In the story this involves the killing of a loved one. Karma because of the killing of whales in Japan? I have to say that I totally disagree.

    More food for thought for your other readers 😉


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