Day 5: For Japan, With Love

19 Mar

March 18th was a day on which many bloggers pledged a day of silence for the tragedy which shook Japan.

With death tolls continually rising, and workers & pilots at Fukushima on kamikazi missions there is nothing more we can do than to offer our condolences, make donations and pray for them and their families.

What bothers me the most about all of this is amidst the situation in Japan, people have the nerve to play on everyone’s fears and send out alarming mass text messages and warnings which are completely untrue.

For example, the whole of Hong Kong, Macau & China went into a panic yesterday buying salt! They were lead to believe that iodised salt would protect them from any radioactive particles in rain. Two things really: 1. Hong Kong is not yet on alert for radioactivity and 2. you would have to consume 2.5kg of iodised salt each day in order to be protected – that would lead to a number of other health issues.

It’s been crazy really, and incredibly saddening. The ignorance of people sometimes astounds me.

My heart goes out to all those in Japan – wherever you are, try and stay safe and positive.


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