Day 10: Food to Go

23 Mar

The last two days have gone by in a bit of a blur and I haven’t had a chance to post. But it’s day 10 and i’m stillgoing strong – despite wanting a coffee or a cheeseburger – the cravings shall pass!

What has got me stumped however, is this weekend coming up is the Hong Kong Rugby 7s. Possibly THE biggest sporting  event that happens in Hong Kong every year. 3 days of absolute madness combined with a little rugby – I love watching the qwerky and creative costumes people come up with every year – my favourites from last year include a girl in a cardboard box with a plastic cover on the front – she was barbie in her packaging and some lego blocks (maybe that was the year before…) and all the avatars! One of my friends dressed up as a turtle out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too – it was an awesome costume!

Ok, so the actual event hasn’t got me stumped – i’ve got my tickets and i’m raring to go! But we all know stadium food is far from being vegan friendly. I mean, really – could you imagine them selling a salad at the stadium? I think not. Strictly speaking, no outside food and beverage is allowed to be brought into the stadium but I can’t imagine them objecting too much if I take a few snacks in with me?

But what could I take that would be able to sustain me for lengthy periods of time, be a snack food, and not get me into much trouble with security? My first thought was those vegan banana muffins i made before, remember them? (Recipe can be found here). I definately think i’ll be making a batch of those for the weekend.

The other things on my list are grapes, carrot sticks, celery sticks and granola bars. But none of this actually constitutes a replacement meal. I mean, of course snacking never will, but I’m still on the search for something that I think will be remotely satisfying. With only a few days to go, wish me luck!

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