Day 26 – The Challenges

08 Apr

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me “what would I eat if I was vegan? What do YOU eat? Can you eat ANYTHING?” The answer is always – I can eat everything I want – with some exceptions. For example, my mum called the other day and asked what I wanted for dinner – the answer? A burger – she prompty bursted out into histerics loud enough for everyone around her to hear. What did I have for dinner? A burger. Not your average burger – a VEGAN burger – shock horror, they exist. And it was amazing.

There are of course challenges and limitations with following a vegan diet though, but there is always an alternative, and always a substitute, as long as you’re willing to adapt. Being able to adapt is key, much like a new job or a new home, or moving to a new country or even a new pet – we all learn to adapt to our surroundings and social situations. But you don’t really realise where animal products place themselves in your daily life until you do the research and read the labels. I can’t stress enough how important reading labels is when you decide to adopt a vegan diet.

For example, did you know that worchestershire sauce contains anchovies, and that most thai curry / chilli pastes contain dried shrimp and fish sauce?  Honey is another example of an ingredient that many vegan’s forget is actually not vegan. Saying that, terming honey as a non-vegan ingredient actually opens the floor up to much debate – I’ll save that one for later.

The point i’m trying to get at here is to just ensure you read the ingredients and you know what you’re getting yourself into. But again, it’s your diet, your lifestyle, I’m just here to tell you what I do.


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