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Yoga Meltdown

So my new found frenzy for exercising and being healthy has resulted in me going to yoga / exercise classes a couple of times a week. Shock Horror I know. I had every intention to go to yoga yesterday morning, and then, Sunday lazyness kicked in and I ended up over-sleeping and missing the class entirely.

My solution as a result was yoga at home – now, i’ve always toyed with the idea of following some kind of DVD but in the end I never took the leap. But yesterday I really had no choice it was either that or venture out of the house and go for a swim or to the gym, but I was too lazy for that (Sunday lazyness kicked in big time).

So I ended up with Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. Now, for those of you who don’t know, Jillian Michael’s is one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser – not that I watch the show on a regular basis, but I’ve heard the name, and heard that her workouts are intense – so what was I getting myself in for, but at the same time – it’s meant to be Yoga – so how bad can it really be?

Truth be told, I fell in love with it – and the best part is – it’s a 30 minute intense workout that easily fits into your schedule – morning or evening – or daytime (if you have that luxury during the week).

So what Jillian does is combine yoga positions with movement and repetitions – I really like how she incorporates the yoga into the movements and it doesn’t put strain on your joints like holding yoga positions for a long time does. You definitely break a sweat!

Highly recommended – let’s just see how long I can keep it up! I’ve got no excuses now!


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38 Days

38 Days – that’s how long my vegan “stint” lasted this time. It’s no secret that i’m not a full-time vegan. As much as I would like to be, it’s incredibly difficult in a city like Hong Kong, especially for a foodie like me. I always struggle with what to do and where to go to eat out. As much as there are fabulous vegetarian restaurants and one in particular is a vegan favourite – they are few and far between and life as a vegan if you eat out, get’s very repetative – same places, same dishes – i’m not that kind of girl.

So i’ve opted for a semi-vegan lifestyle – vegan lunches and non-vegan dinners. Eventually, when I find myself willing to spend more time working out a vegan menu at home, it will mean vegan full time again – when? I don’t know. For how long? Again, i don’t know. But the challenge awaits.

In the meantime, a new challenge – to lose weight. I find, that everytime i do a vegan “detox” when i come off it, i put on all the weight i may have lost as fast as lightening. So i’ve decided now a food diary is the way to go. This inherently makes me feel guilty if/when i snack on anything as I don’t want to write down any seemingly unhealthy foods, so if i’m writing down everything that i’m eating, i can’t eat any inherently bad foods. Not as easy as it sounds.

Additionally, a lovely friend of mine signed me up to a 1-month trial at a gym – complete with Bollywood aerobics and Yoga…so attempting to frequent that, get into a routine, then hopefully – not give it up. The classes provide the structure and the motivation that I lack because once you get home after a long day – the last thing you want to do is change into trainers and trackies or swimmers and head down to the gym/pool. Even though they’re only a stones throw from home. Instead, the structure of going to classes (not close to work or home mind you but that’s another story..) seems to work. I just hope it lasts.

I am the kind of person that gets more motivated when I see results, and so far…no results. Reducing portion sizes at both lunch and dinner, limited healthy snacking during the day – let’s see how we go. I’ll keep you posted. But do bare in mind that this is no longer my whole-ly vegan blog…it shall return one day, just not today.

If you do however, need advice on being vegan…I can still give you that – so don’t hesitate to ask or post questions.

I leave you now..with some fabulous gluten-free / vegan cookies I discovered awhile ago and didn’t get round to posting:

They are fab, available in Hong Kong and I would totally buy them again – bonus point: you can’t really tell they’re gluten free.

I also experimented with some gluten free vegan chocolate cupcakes…but that’s another post altogether.


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