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FaceBook Fury..

I’ve been a member of a Vegan facebook group for awhile. I rarely looked at it before – only when i needed a recipe, or some new lunch ideas. That’s what it was initially. I always struggle in the beginning, and when I was first researching my Vegan diet, I struggled with recipes and quick and easy ideas of what to eat.

So in that respect, yes – having an interactive group where people comment is most definately helpful. But recently, this Vegan group on Facebook has turned into animal activists, people who believe that what they are doing is righteous and all meat eaters should be damned. I’m not a fan.

You’re probably asking me why I don’t just leave the Facebook group and ignore it right? Well the truth is, there are still the odd recipe posts and more than that i’m still intrigued. There’s a lot of kids on there – pre-teens, teens, parents as well as people like me. A few of the posts have shocked me :

1. a woman was trying to feed her cat a vegan diet because she didn’t believe in eating meat herself and thereby didn’t believe her cat should.

2. A teenager in a biology class wanted to abstain from doing a lung / kidney dissection

What are your views on these issues?


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