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It’s all about the comfort..

So much about food is how it makes you feel. The warm fuzzy feeling from eating mum’s home made lasagne, or curling up on the sofa with the most satisfying soup and crusty bread, or eating a really spicy curry that makes you sweat. The rush that you get from the moment you put that first morsel in your mouth to the moment at which you have licked your plate clean and that disappointed feeling you have when you realise there’s none’ve eaten it all..

The only problem with food that makes you feel like that is that it’s all likely to be laden with fat of some kind. Then I managed to stumble across this blog – Fat Free Vegan Kitchen which makes everything look so comforting, and surprisingly fat free!

I’m tempted to make this Lentil and Mushroom Shepherds Pie this weekend! It looks heavenly.


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Pre-Christmas Shed..

So a lot of my friends are recently engaged, or have recently gotten married, and amidst all they talk about over the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, and during the planning, the most prominent topic is the pre-wed shed. This is the worst crash diet of all – practically starving yourself to shave off those extra pounds so you can fit into that amazing wedding dress you bought which is 2 sizes too small at the moment…so that you lose enough weight just for the day..just for the photos.

Well. I’m taking a leaf out of their book today – minus the starvation. My sister arrives in just over a month, and you all know what that means – carrot cake. THE carrot cake. So with a month to go, and most of the big birthday bashes out of the way (sorry guys – i love you, but the last month has done some serious damage) we’re going to try the pre-christmas shed.

I never work well with long term goals, I know you guys know that. So for now, i’m going to focus on the next 2 weeks – the trickiest part. Where your body craves the fatty unhealthy foods you are depriving it of, where those chocolate cravings creep in, and the caffeine addiction gets the better of you (especially in soy gingerbread latte season!!).

As I sit here, sipping my green tea, thinking about the 0.2g of fat i lose in each cup (guesstimate – I can’t remember how much it is so please don’t take my word for it)..I wonder if I really am up for the challenge.

Bring. It. On.


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