The Low FODMAP Vegan – Part 2

28 Jan

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of creativity I am currently experiencing..hence the generic title for this post. I am starting to get a little frustrated.

When I started this Low FODMAP diet last week it was Chinese New Year here, and the couch potato that I was during my 5 day weekend – I did no grocery shopping. I stuck to the vegetables at hand – to be fair the markets were closed and the supermarkets jacked up their prices – why? Because they could.

So when I finally got around to doing some grocery shopping the other day in the supermarket – mainly looking for snacky foods and some pre-packaged no fuss foodness I just got frustrated. Reading ingredients and realising that almost everything that I picked up, I couldn’t have – something had dairy in it, something else had garlic in it – it was ridiculous. Even without the frustrations of being on this Low FODMAP diet – being Vegan in this country is more than frustrating – even the soy cheese has caesin in it! Outrageous!

Anyway, I did manage to pick up a few things – some gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, nut free cereal bars, some rice bread (at an extortionate price – but I might make my own from now on), soy milk and some soy yogurt.

So back to this list that you must memorise..we started with Fruits yesterday – now what about everything else? I thought it might be simpler to show you a chart I found – apologies – I can’t remember where exactly I found it – so please don’t assume I am taking credit for putting this together – I’ve just found it incredibly helpful and I’ve stuck it to the front of my fridge to help me…my advice is you do the same.

Do remember that some of the items on the allowed list may not suit you – it’s still really trial and error, and some on the not allowed list you may be ok with in moderation. It’s up to you – if you want some more direction on what you should eat and when I suggest you contact and work through a program with a nutritionist / dietician.

That’s all..for now.


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