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The Low FODMAP Vegan: It’s OK To Fail

"I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" - Thomas Edison


One thing we are all find very difficult to acknowledge is when we don’t succeed. When we find a bump in the road that makes us fall off our wagons. It happens to me all the time, and i’m sure, it happens to you. It has been a long time since I have posted something on this blog. Why? Because I have fallen off the vegan wagon, off the Low FODMAP wagon, and off the Low FODMAP Vegan wagon so many times that sometimes I feel it’s not worth posting. You don’t come here to read that I stopped being vegan, or gave up on gluten-free baking. You come here for support, and guidance, and sometimes I feel that if I don’t have something positive to say then I shouldn’t say it.

But that’s not true – well at least I hope it’s not. You have stuck with me through my infrequent posts, my discussions about regular and irregular bodily functions – surely why not stick with me and know that it’s OK to slip. Whether it’s for one meal, one day, one week, one month, it’s OK. It happens to all of us at one point or another.

We are all different, how our bodies react to what we feed it is different. Often this is frustrating and sometimes you just throw your hands in the air and say, you know what? I’ve had it for now.

When you feel like that, just remember, you are not alone..we are all in this together.


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The Low FODMAP Vegan: What is Gluten?

When I tell people i’m on a Gluten-Free, Vegan Diet (It’s easier than explaining to them about FODMAPs in a small time-frame without them losing interest) the one question I get the most is “What is Gluten?”. So I decided that it would be a good idea to dedicate a post to this – in hope’s of answering your questions, and also educating myself a little more.

Gluten, as posted on wikipedia is a protein composite which is found in foods processed primarily from wheat, rye and barley. Gluten is the substance which gives dough it’s elastic texture, helps it hold its shape, helps it rise and often results in a chewy texture in the final product.

Usual products containing gluten include (but obviously are not limited to, and if you are looking to go gluten-free my best suggestion to you is reading labels – you’ll be surprised at what really does contain gluten and what doesn’t. When an item is specifically labelled gluten-free then you can trust it – if not – always read!) bread, cakes, crackers, cookies, cereals, pizza (the crusts) and pasta. Other products you may not be aware of which usually contain gluten include (but again, not limited to): soy sauce, beer, salad dressings, malt vinegar and cous cous.

So why Gluten-Free?

For people on a low FODMAP diet it is important to eliminate gluten because by eliminating gluten, you automatically eliminate wheat products containing fructans. Yes. Wheat contains fructans – this is bad on a low FODMAP diet.

Well there we have it. What is gluten – in a nutshell. I hope I have helped. Do let me know if you have any questions about anything – I’m happy to help with what I do know, and if I don’t know – i’ll surely do my research!



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The Low FODMAP Vegan : Sofa-Surfing

At the weekend (or even during the week), there’s one thing every single one of us loves to do and that is sofa surfing. Even for a couple of hours, we relish in the ability to just curl up, chill out, and watch tv. It becomes somewhat, therapeutic – something each of us cherishes now that we all have crazy work-filled lives. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, a young professional or have been working for years – there’s nothing better than coming home, sitting on the sofa and relaxing after a long day or even a long week.

This time, my weekend of sofa-surfing (I’m starting to become obsessed with this phrase today – it may only last today however, so please excuse me) was filled with some educational documentaries. The kind that you stumble across on the TV but gross you out so much that you change channels immediately, thus proving our inability to accept change. But I’m at the stage in my life where I feel the need to change – change what I eat and my daily routine. I always felt sluggish and bloated – the lack of energy or ability to wake up in the morning was killing me. But the one thing that was worst for me, was that food was not exciting anymore – everything seemed to make me feel sick or bloated or tired. Almost like the feeling that you get when you’ve gone to a buffet lunch and eaten your fill and the fill of 10 others (oh come on, admit it, you’ve done that at least once in your lifetime – there’s no sense hiding it from yourself!)

The two documentaries I watched were Earthlings and Forks over Knives. Now if you have any sense of compassion or are a lover of meat or simply want to remain ignorant about the way in which animals are treated in the production of both meat and dairy products then I suggest you don’t watch it. But it is an incredible eye-opener. I must admit, I couldn’t watch more than about 10 minutes at a time – I was disgusted and now various images are ingrained in my head – hopefully for a lifetime.

The documentary begins with a simple definition of Earthlings : One who inhabits the planet earth – this is not limited to humans, but also includes every living being from insects all the way through to reptiles and mammals of all kinds. Once you grasp this basic understanding, it then moves on to discuss racism and speciesism in particular. The way in which humans are unbelievably dependant on animals, for everything from food, to clothing, entertainment and scientific research. It provides an in-depth study of the way in which we humans treat animals and use them to benefit ourselves. It was deeply insightful – and something that would put almost anyone off eating meat for anywhere from a day, to a lifetime. Let me tell you that even a day of not eating meat would be beneficial to you in ways you couldn’t imagine. The full version of Earthlings is available on youtube..

Forks over Knives was a definite compliment to watching Earthlings. Discussing in great detail about how there is scientific evidence to prove that a completely plant based diet has effects on reducing diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The documentary goes on to say how processed foods are far more calorie dense than natural foods, for example, 500 calories of veggies would fill your tummy completely and signal to your brain that it’s full, but 500 calories of meat would only fill your tummy to 50% and 500 calories of fat would have little or no effect in signalling your brain that your tummy is full because it feels like it is empty.

To conclude my sofa-surfing post which proved to be incredibly favourite quote from Forks over Knives:

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. -Hippocrates



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The Low FODMAP Vegan: Monday-itis

Just a little something that I thought might be fitting for today..

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FaceBook Fury..

I’ve been a member of a Vegan facebook group for awhile. I rarely looked at it before – only when i needed a recipe, or some new lunch ideas. That’s what it was initially. I always struggle in the beginning, and when I was first researching my Vegan diet, I struggled with recipes and quick and easy ideas of what to eat.

So in that respect, yes – having an interactive group where people comment is most definately helpful. But recently, this Vegan group on Facebook has turned into animal activists, people who believe that what they are doing is righteous and all meat eaters should be damned. I’m not a fan.

You’re probably asking me why I don’t just leave the Facebook group and ignore it right? Well the truth is, there are still the odd recipe posts and more than that i’m still intrigued. There’s a lot of kids on there – pre-teens, teens, parents as well as people like me. A few of the posts have shocked me :

1. a woman was trying to feed her cat a vegan diet because she didn’t believe in eating meat herself and thereby didn’t believe her cat should.

2. A teenager in a biology class wanted to abstain from doing a lung / kidney dissection

What are your views on these issues?


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The one thing i’m struggling with is planning my lunches. I’m so used to taking leftovers to work, or a basic salad for lunch, but now, i’m bored.

I love a hot comforting meal in the evenings at home, but sometimes, client dinners or events, inhibits me from eating at home, and thus, needing something easy to prepare for lunch the next day that isn’t as boring as my boring salad is proving to be a challange.

So i’m on the hunt. For good recipies, quick recipes, easy recipes (well, relatively speaking) that I can prepare the night before, and take to work the next day.

And so the journey begins..

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The Return of the Vegan

A new TV series? nah…just me..and my blog…reunited after an absence of almost 4 months. It never ceases to amaze me how many of you check back and read this…thank you for your continued support. I know I say thank you a dozen times every time I begin to write again, but I can never be thankful enough.

The other day someone I know came up to me and said “so you’re that vegan girl right – I’ve read your blog, I love your writing”. I had never sent her the link, never mentioned my vegan it made me feel good.

I’ve been planning this return for a few months now, and constantly been saying “i’ll start on monday” until someone came up to me and said “are you actually going to specify WHICH monday!?” oops..

Well, i’m not starting on a Monday. I’m starting tomorrow. Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 until…well…lets aim for just before christmas…when that dreaded carrot cake that my sister loves so much, will no doubt appear.

So please, do check back, as I will be posting regularly – or trying to!

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